ALS start-up funded by BII

The therapeutics start-up 2N Pharma is one of the five new companies in BioInnovation Institute’s Creation House program. The start-up is developing an alternative to today’s treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and is building its case on 10 years of research from Aalborg University.

The company is founded by CSO John Nieland and CEO Preben Bruun-Nyzell who have successfully co-founded and taken the vaccine company 2A Pharma to phase one clinical trials. In 2019, they decided to pursue a treatment for ALS based on the research from John Nieland’s group.

2N will be funded with a DKK 10M convertible loan in the Creation House program which will allow them to build a strong data package based on newly designed molecules that are suitable for drug development.

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