Meet 2N Pharma at the Anglonordic Life Science Conference

Aalborg – We are pleased to announce that Preben Bruun Nyzell has been invited to the Anglonordic Life Science Conference that takes place in London on May 4-5.

About Anglonordic

The Anglonordic Life Science Conference is an investment and partnering conference. Their aim is to bring together European investors and upcoming drug discovery and R&D companies from the Nordics and the UK. Throughout the event, there are panel discussions, company presentations, as well as in-person 1:1 partnering.

1:1 partnering

There is an opportunity to meet in-person with Preben Bruun-Nyzell one-on-one throughout the day during the conference. You can book a meeting in advance online through the website’s booking platform. Log in to view our profile, check our availability, and set up a meeting.

About 2N Pharma

2N Pharma is a Danish biotech company with a clear ambition. We want to develop a new drug that can either cure or improve the quality of life for people suffering from neurological diseases such as ALS and Parkinson’s disease.