CEO Preben Bruun-Nyzell participates in BIO Partnering at JPM

AALBORG, Denmark – CEO and Co-Founder Preben Bruun-Nyzell from 2N Pharma will participate in BIO Partnering during the 40th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, held virtually, from January 10-14. 

About 2N Pharma
2N Pharma is a small biotech company with great ambitions. With our innovative approach, we aim to develop new drugs for ALS and Parkinson’s patients, contributing to our goal of developing medicines that can cure neurodegenerative diseases.

About BIO Partnering
BIO is the world’s largest advocacy association, representing companies in fields such as biotechnology and health care. We are pleased to be attending BIO Partnering at JPM.

To book a meeting with our CEO, Preben Bruun-Nyzell, search “2N Pharma” in the one-on-one partnering platform.

About J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
This conference is the world’s largest symposium on healthcare investment. Its goal is to bring together global industry leaders, upcoming high-growth businesses, creators of innovative technology, and investors from all over the world. 

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